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(This page has available nearly anything to do with writing, marketing services, and the numerous various literary arts and authors. A couple of additional pages dealing with writing are under construction)

Communications today is the sole means of improving business; getting along better with your spouse or child, or colleague; and providing a step-stoning in getting a job. Learning how to best put your ideas and message together – in the forms of writing, speaking, TV, audiotapes, and so on -- to share with others is critical in proving yourself as an articulate, logical and intelligent person. Your clients, business partners, consumers, all want to rest comfortably knowing you have mastered the art of communications. This knowledge is vital in writing for publications, and for performing other presentational skills. Speaking is covered elsewhere on this site, since this particular page is devoted to writing.

The staff listed here offer numerous types of writing services, from critiques to online workshops and courses, as well as providing a host of marketing and advertising services. Our skills are backed by experience in all areas of writing, and by also being well published in our fields of specialty. We can write nearly anything you need for any purpose. We will NOT write anything obscene or profane, or anything that violates our philosophy and mission.


Proposals of all kinds Plays
Books of various nature Letters of all types (no porn, no profanity)
Short stories Resumes
Technical writing All literary marketing tools
RFPs Websites
Screenplays Music -- lyrics
Political materials Computer languages (certain ones)
Articles Entertainment reviews
Liability literature Legal documents
Work performance evaluations Speeches
Ghost writing Collaborative writing
Term and research papers Business reports
Homilies Educational materials
Advertisements Tourist literature
Magazines Tutorial materials

And Others


Gianni (Nan) DeVincent, Ph.D. is a professional writer, having authored 15 books through traditional royalty houses. She started writing as a child, and in spite of earning a few of her degrees in other areas of concentration, she continued writing throughout her lifetime. She earned writing credits early in her career in small and specialty magazines, worked on some poetry, though she doesn’t claim any expertise in this area, and learned to write short stories and extend some of those into novels. She’s also had some of her work syndicated an set into e-books. Besides writing her own materials, she critiques others wanting to be published through CSI’s critique service. Her doctorate is in writing, English, and other areas which she writes about, such as eschatology, a field that combines biblical prophecy and current events, as well as philosophy, psychology, history, religion, and other humanities. She has researched these topics for over 15 years.

As a former college English department chair and associate professor, Dr. DeVincent has taught writing for years, helping would-be authors from start to finish. Her writing extends to speaking on issues of today as well as other various topics (see her personal website (http://www.nanhayes-gianni.com/), and the sectionhere on "The Speakers"; as well as the list of her writing credits, CV, bio, and references are available upon request, and can also be seen on www.thewritingbloc.org) for some of her writing samples. She has written essays, short stories, articles, novels, biographies, nonfiction books, short stories, and other works of literary arts - most of which have been published. Additionally, Gianni also writes proposals and grants, as well as conducts and teaches writing classes online, one-on-one, and in person, that she has engineered via her writers' workshops.

Marketing products, people, ideas, services - and knowing how difficult it is to get published, along with critiquing others' writing of any nature - are some of the staff's major jobs. See also). The CSI staff also handles legal liability literature, PR work and marketing (see their respective pages), communications and tutoring services - all featured throughout our site. Our years of exposure and workshopping or teaching communications and literary, and other courses have allowed us to produce all types of promotional and teaching/seminar works for any client.

If you want to learn about writing, or need a promotional tool, or one-on-one instructions, just contact Gianni. She’ll be glad to explain her services and prices.

See a list of some of her writing credits here.

Marta Hayes has a strong background in writing. She is experienced not only in educational and commercial projects but also does work for major marketing firms where she creates, develops, and implements the tools necessary to initiate any project she is leading, and presents many of the programs she manages to both small and large groups.

Ms. Hayes is also an events manager, having expertise in determining the lay-out of an event, what integral and miscellany items are needed, and then setting-up and implementing the program. She is a strong speaker, a commendable writer, and a remarkable public relations spokesperson and program manger. She appreciates the company of others.

Besides working as a writer and marketer for large promotion firms, she does consulting work for major companies as well as hands-on assignments for less prominent businesses. In every case, she displays class, demure, and finely honed etiquette. She is a skilled researcher and a “do-er,” and gets her projects done before her deadline. Easy to work with, Ms. Hayes enjoys variety in her work, so contact her if she can help you write reports, proposals, speeches, or promote your work, or if you need some other community/business assistance. She is a marketing and business graduate of the Smith School of Business, the University of Maryland College Park.

See her on the marketing page as well and feel to request her resume or more info by e-mail.




Critiques: This is a vital service offered to anyone trying to write, market, and sell a novel, a full length nonfiction book, scholarly or other article or short story. It also exists for business and technical writing, as well as corporate histories and in-house organs. CSI critiques include the following services, all of which you can purchase as one packaged deal, or you can pick and pay for only those you need; however, publishers , businesses, and consumers look at all facets of what you write; hence, the services listed below:

1. Line by line edit: Experienced writers and/or professional writers will read through your ms (manuscript – any body of writing, in general) line by line, and make corrections in grammar, punctuation, mechanics, spelling, and fix typos, mechanics and punctuation. This is extensive work for an editor/writer but greatly needed to get one’s work accepted.

2. Structural edit: Amateur work will jump right off the page and turn off your client or an editor or publisher who you’re trying to sell your work to, or for a boss who demands perfection. CSI analyzes your ms’ structure closely and makes suggestions as to what can be added or deleted, what paragraphs should go where . . . and then helps you beat it all into shape to make your writing more acceptable by publishers.

3. Marketing, formatting & submitting: The ms is done, it’s been edited, rewritten, and rewritten again, and now you’re ready to submit it to business owner, a boss, a client, a publisher. CSI offers marketing analyses that list where you can send your work that would mostly likely accept it, how to present it, and how to mail it. Marketing your work is one of the toughest challenges for writers of all types of work, so let an experienced and professional staff help you with this.

4. Stet of Analysis: This is a vital service offered by CSI that gives you a complete and detailed report of scrutiny of your work. Though time consuming and laborious for the CSI editors working on your piece, this is a must service for every writer, as it gives a breakdown critical analysis of every aspect of your work.

The above can be purchased as individual services or as a combined rate, for which there are price reductions. Review the list above of the material we handle. Contact us for rates.


1. Personalized marketing: For a fee, you can talk to an expert on how to market your work, of if you prefer,you can purchase the marketing service in #3 above where your CSI editor will study your ms.

2. Videography Services: CSI offers instructions in videography as well as customized services.

3. Website Creations: Through CSI services, you can be hooked up with our webmaster, as well as a hosting company.

4. Personalized instructions: You can have the opportunity to work directly under a writing mentor who can help you tame your ms over the period of months needed to re-write your work under CSI’s editors. Just e-mail or call CSI; contact info is given at the beginning and end of this site.

5. Computer Consultations: The expertise of CSI computer consultants cannot be bested by anyone. Have a problem, contact us and see if we can help.

6. Marketing: See our section on our marketing services which explains in detail what we can and can’t do for you. We have a full staff who can meet nearly any or all of your needs.

7. Products: In Progress
· Writing Kits: (See also the page on “Writing Kits”in this section.) This is a product for all would be who would like step-by-step directions on how to write and sell their work.

· Muse Products: A variety of other writing products will be offered along with promotional ideas for your writing, as well as various manual on writing well.

· Books: Numerous types of books are available on our site. We are willing to consider those authors wanting to appear on our site to sell their books as to whether they fulfill our rules and mission.


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