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Gianni (Nan) DeVincent Hayes Dr.Gianni (Nan) DeVincent Hayes is an internationally known speaker who presents on a variety of topics, of which The effect of globalism on our freedoms is the most well known. In this presentation, she discusses how the New World Order or one-world government (also called “global governance”) has been in the makings for several decades but is now reaching a point where, under many guises, it’s causing nations their loss of our sovereignty and everything that goes with being a free country, a free individual, a free civilization. We are losing the very rights our forefathers created in the Constitution, and our fathers and grandfathers fought for and gave their lives for in wars. Consider what has become of the right to free speech, the right to privacy, the right to bear arms, the right to free press, the right of defense, and the right to own and protect property, to name just a few. Hayes has researched it all, written several articles on the one-world government, and has nearly completed a full-length book on it. She has warned about this rule-by-the-Elite via dozens and dozens of articles and radio and television appearances throughout the United States, as well as having spoken on cruises and in such places as Rome, Citavecchia, Genoa, Lisbon, Barcelona, La Havre, Nice, England, throughout the Western Caribbean, all of the Hawaiian Islands, and others; and is now preparing to speak throughout the Baltic countries, and in Nova Scotia. This is a HOT topic that only a HOT SPEAKER can talk on, explain how it affects your life, and what to do to prepare for and hopefully deflect some of its evil effects! She has also appeared on such as A&E Biography, as well as Pennsylvania's state-wide cable system (PCN) PA Books - a viewership of 9 million with 145 stations. While this topic has been discussed everywhere over the last few years, it is only now gaining massive momentum in the correlation of prophetic signs of the end-of-the-world to current events. Don't be left out . . . not only in not knowing what's going on but also in not being one of the few knowing how to save yourself and your soul. Click here more information.

DeVincent Hayes has four college degrees of which two are masters in research and education and a third is a doctorate in comparative studies with emphasis on politics, religion, history, philosophy. She has studied as well at the University of Rochester and Middlebury College’s Bread Loaf program. Dr. Hayes is married and has two daughters.

Hayes talks about all aspects of the New World Order, including but not limited to such topics as:
mind control/brain washing
subliminal messages
secret societies
the Elite governing our world
treaties that damage us
biblical prophecy
matching end-times signs to current (political) events
Republic or democracy or dictatorship?
perversity in education and the rule of NEA (OBE, false histories, etc.)
“School to Work” programs
non-competition mentality
plummeting economic worth
demoralization of the institution of religion
disintegration of American family values
who owns what in the world
demagoguery in millennial 2000+
“sustainable development”
“global village”
“Habitat II”
gender equality
how the media enslave and bias society
use of diseases in NWO
the rampant growth of satanism
environmental take-overs of private lands and the “Greens”
harmful multi-created organizations – both government-established and NGOs
Hegelian dialectics
coming tyrant and dictatorship
religious fail to believe in Christ/God, prayer
minimizing American loyalty
youth’s disrespect for adults and authority, and their profane nature
armaments beyond WMD
de-population and global warming lies
State interference and denigration of parental authority
the global tracking system
encouragement of abortions
children: oriented and submissive to, and supportive of NWO
mandatory obedience of Prime Directives
salvation and promotion of scientists
shortage of vital food, air, and drink
use of detainment camps against ordinary citizens
the power of FEMA
moral corruption goal of the NWO
diversity, tolerance of all cultures and races and beliefs a must
erosion of borders; care for the illegal alien
paganism promoted
ecumenism advanced
encouragement of filth in art
increase in drug, alcohol usage
“controlled weather”
dismantling of the Industrial Era and pushing for Brave New World
increase in terrorism and riots on an individual as well as societal level
key people in the global governance
demoralization of health care
EOs (Executive Orders) are ruining us
underground ops
change-agents techniques
out of chaos comes order

Other topics that Dr. Hayes can speak on include:
1. Writing that best-selling book
2. Using grammar properly
3. How to communicate with the worst communicators in the world
4. The Great Books
5. Speaking and presenting in public
6. Motivating people
7. Talking about authors and their eccentricities
8. Studying literature
9. The meaning of symbols
10. Overview of world humanities
11. The Era of today’s Post-Modern civilization
12. Insight into specific authors and literatureand many others)

1). Correcting communications problems for businesses, individuals, organizations & companies
2). Motivating workers and family members to achieve their utmost
3). How to write that bestseller, nonfiction book, anthology, or anything else you'd like
4). How to give invigorating and wildly talked-about presentations
5). The dangers of drinking and driving
6). How to begin from A -- for All About Grammar -- to Z !
7). How not to become a victim of medical mistakes
8). The top ten ways to strike up a great relationship between your kid and you
9). Christianity and satanism are alive and at war; we are caught in the middle
10). Briefing on proper etiquette and protocol for business, social life, and home
11). Understanding the different cultures of the world
12). How to get your name out front to make money
13). Protocol, etiquette, and manners (Very HOT topic for individuals and businesses!)
   and several other topics; just call and ask

Gianni DeVincent, Ph.D (see other sections of this site) works in a variety of formats. Dr. DeVincent’s discussions are always spellbinding, thought-provoking, emotionally uprising, and energizing. Her audiences range from high school students to nurse managers, from continuing education enrollees, Christians, Jews, homeschoolers, to women’s organizations, men’s fraternal associations, community groups, churches, unions, clubs, and a host of other organizations.

Marta L. HayesMs. Marta L. Hayes speaks at charity functions and to various members of their businesses and organizations on how they can best boost their relationships with each other in their companies and with their communities, as well as the various ways they can increase business sales. She talks about good communications skills among workers, how to drive traffic to your company, and how to put your business in the best light through superb marketing. An expert public relations specialist, she’s an ace at picking out what greatly highlights your company or your business, and works from there to make you shine! She has the right words, the right look, and the right smile – all of which she passes down to you to enrich your company through quality circles, one-on-one talks, workshops, focus groups, or large audience presentations.

Contact her for information, and see her on the marketing page too. She speaks to both large and small audiences, and has a marvelous flare for promoting your project!

Jim HayesJim is an expert at computing, having been in the field for over forty years. He can speak on nearly every topic on computing and IT for businesses, industry, academia, and home use. He talks to individuals, small and large groups, and sets up workshops for clients who are interested in having their workers or organizational members learn computing. He covers the minute details to large-picture info, and nothing is too simple for him to help you with – he’s done it all. He’s often called on by major commercial companies to consult for them, but he works with individuals, too, in helping them with their home computing problems. He has spoken on old–style computing to present day technology, and to what he envisions as a futuristic high-technological world. Go to the computing page for more info. If you would like to reach him, see the contact page. In over four decades, he’s seen it all in computing, and is a great trouble-shooter, as well as being patient, cool, calm and understanding. An expert is what every “expert” needs.


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