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James R. Hayes

Jim Hahes

My Function: To assist a client in achieving the optimum usage of their present and future computing resources

My Education: BS in Accounting, and an M.B.A.

My Past: I started in the computing industry in October 1964. I have provided services to industry, education and the private sector. I have assisted with specialized information services in distributing real-time information to large audiences. I have also been responsible for the implementation of phone, cable and network systems.

My Skills: I am knowledgeable in the installation and maintenance of Microsoft client and server operating systems. I have the ability to get jobs done on time and on budget. I encourage a team approach to solving difficult and technical problems.
I have experience in academia, industry, commercial and home computing.

The Future: I want to find challenging projects which will stimulate my creative thinking in developing workable solutions for anxious clients.

Consults: I am available on a consultation basis for anyone who needs assistance with their computer problems. My fees are reasonable.

Contact: Click here jrhayes@att.net to email me with any questions. I do have recommendations.

Computing Advice

  • choosing the right computer for you
  • how to pick the components that best work for you
  • how to put a system together at a reasonable price
  • how to apply for a job in computing that fits your skills
  • how to make yourself job-worthy: the right things to say and do at computing interviews
  • computer troubleshooting: If it doesn't work, let's figure it out together

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