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Gianni DeVincent-Hayes
Gianni DeVincent-Hayes, who has been writing professionally for over twenty years, received her Ph.D. (summa cum laude) in creative writing and literature from the University of Maryland College Park; both of her master's degrees from Duquesne University, with honors; and her bachelor's degree from Gannon University where she was awarded The Distinguished Alumni Honor.
Additionally, she attended the University of Pittsburgh for two years where she earned The Letter of Highest Commendation and was endowed to the University of Rochester's Writing Program for five summers and to Middlebury College's prestigious Bread Loaf Writing Program.

In addition to her byline, she writes under various pen names and has appeared on numerous radio and television shows, including A&E’s Biography Series. An internationally recognized author, recipient of many tributes, college professor, and highly published author, Hayes does book tours and readings of her work, along with public speaking.

As a professional writer, Hayes has had 14 books published by royalty publishers, including four novels; over 100 articles printed in publications such as Redbook, US, People, Brides, Parade, Woman’s Day, Writer's Digest, and a host of others; as well as numerous newspaper articles.

She has taught for two writers’ correspondence schools and owns a writing critique business that offers line and overall structural editing, complete with a very detailed explanatory report. Over the last fifteen-plus years, she has literally critiqued thousands of short stories, articles, full-length novels, and nonfiction books. Additionally, Gianni has served as a college English department chair and an associate professor.

When not working, Gianni enjoys painting, listening to classical music, and spending time with her husband and two daughters.

22 Friar Street
Heartbroken Love
Grammar& Diagramming Sentences
Jacob’s Fire
Jacob’s Demon
hy Brothers’ Reaper (originally published under pen name, Devin Centis)
Thy Brothers' Reaper 2nd edition
Troublesom Grammar
TheLast of the Wallendas
MoveIt! A Guide to Relocating Family, Pets and Plants
Five books in the "Images of America" series for Arcadia Publishing
Some of her other books also appear in E-Book form.

(As Nan DeVincent-Hayes and DaVin Centis)

Jacobs Demon
Price: $18.00    & S&H
On Sale: $16.00    & S&H

Jacobs DemonIn this alternative reality novel, Jacob focuses on his goal, while the world goes mad around him in this novel of alternative reality. Jacob sees only his own goal, while Isleen, the representative of the drug company that wants to buy his formula warns him the “endtime” the time for the second coming of Christ is near. One world leader proclaims himself the messiah. But he may be the anti-Christ? While people on all continents suffer from grave natural disasters, and Jacob stays focused on his goal, the leader of the new world government prepares to lead the world population into a new era of peace and prosperity. Or so he would have them believe. Mystery, suspense, and intrigue intertwine with horror to form a powerful novel.
Available in bookstores, through Amazon.com

A Coming of Age story set in the 70's amid racial unrest
(As Nan DeVincent-Hayes)

22 Friar Street
Price: $14.95    & S&H
On Sale: $13.00    & S&H

This is a story about a White female college student who's placed with an elderly Black couple when the college runs short of dorm space; it's an account of a young woman's growing up years amid drugs, sex, and uncertainty in the loving home of an older black couplewhen such a racial situation raised eyebrows. The story makes readers laugh and cry, but above all, it offers hope for our young, our old, our various races, and our diverse cultures and philosophies.

It's a narrative on how we can all co-exist in spite of our prejudices and stereotypes. As a "clean," down-to-earth homespun tale, it's a good book for families and readers of all ages.

Flower Valley Press, Inc.
P.O. Box 452
Glen Echo, MD 20812
Ph: 301-654-1996 Fax: 301-654-1905

(As Nan DeVincent-Hayes, Ph. D)

Grammer And Diagraming Sentences
Price: $9.50    & S&H

On Sale: $8.00 & S&H

A great review of grammar and sentence diagramming! It's been said that you can't build an engine unless you know what its parts are and how they fit together. This is also true for writing proper sentences, paragraphs and papers. The "old" system of diagramming worked for generations as a way of showing how to write sentences, and now it's gaining popularity again as the best means of teaching grammar and writing. If students don't know what verbs, nouns, prepositions, or modifiers are, how, then, can they be expected to put sentencestogether.

Garlic Press
Eugene, OR

(As Nan DeVincent-Hayes and DaVin Centis)

Jacob's Fire
Price: $18.00    & S&H

On Sale: $18.00 & S&H

Jacob's Fire deals with a university professor/ scientist who has found a formula for a cure for AIDS. But if the formula is improperly used, it causes mass destruction. The government and a private pharmaceutical firm want Jacob's formula, and go to murderous means to get it, using a pharmaceutical rep (Isleen Johnson) to cajole him into selling the formula to her firm. But Isleen refuses to exert the unethical means she is ordered to so do . In fact, she and Jacob become friends during a time when war is breaking out, with Russia allied with China against Israel. The rep tries telling Jacob that what is taking place in the world follows biblical prophecy.

The AIDS formula does fall into the wrong hands, and plague-like devastation is wreaked on the world. In the meantime, both Jacob and Isleen learn that they must escape from the government which wants the formula to use in battle to implement a one-world government with a globally political, religious, and economic system. Throughout the book, suspense is entwined between Paolo Cardinal Borgoni and Louis Cardinal Romano, who play double-agents to and against each other, and the most powerful man on earth–the new president of the one-world government. The book weaves mystery with politics as this new president attempts to form a "New World Order" and have every human on the face of the earth bow to him and worship and praise him.

Jacob accidentally gets caught up in this web of shadow secret organizations through his daughter marrying a young man who Jacob later learns works for the Vatican as well as for the new global president. The ending of the novel deals with Jacob's final decision, one he makes as he watches from the rocks of Petra, a huge mushroom cloud billowing in the far distance. The book has overt action but yet not one profane word.
Available in bookstores, through Amazon.com and at Ebooksonthe.net

Thy Brothers' Reaper
(As Nan DeVincent-Hayes and as DeVin Centis)

Thy Brothers, Reaper
Price: $18.00    & S&H
On Sale: $16.00    & S&H

Thy Brothers' Reaper is a thriller, sci-fi novel that looks at cloning from an entirely different perspective. Gillian Montague has taken a job as an apprentice P.I. that has her tracking down the cause of a series of brutal and vicious deaths, where victims' skulls are punctured because the assailants-created through research and development at twelve underground labs owned by the government--need certain chemicals for the brain. All of the assailants are attractive, huge, abnormally powerful men, except for a handful who are mutants. Because the aggressors have computer chips embedded in their brains, and require a cerebral chemical to function normally, their behavior is often erratic, especially when the chemical diminishes. Through the help of her ex-husband, Mitchell, Gillian discovers that these men are clones bred by the government to form an omnipotent military that will take over the world when secret organizations form a "New World Order" on the political, religious, and economical fronts. Some of this is accomplished through water and food shortages, as well as the machinations of high-level men pushing for control of the universe via an umbrella of secret government conspiracies. Gillian is unaware that a clone has passed himself off as his human counterpart, or that her best friend is a part of the government's plans. The novel moves back and forth among the key characters while holding readers' attention as to whom really is or isn't a clone. It's a sci-fi/mainstream, medical thriller combined with suspense, romance, espionage and mystery . . . and based on current medical and political research. If you want to find out what the potential is for human cloning, as well as learn about shadow government organizations desiring to bring the world under one rule, this is the book to read.

Available in bookstores, through Amazon.com and at Ebooksonthe.net

Troublesome Grammer
A Fast way to refresh your grammar skills!
(As Nan DeVincent-Hayes, Ph. D)

Price: $8.50
Troublesome Grammer
Price: $9.50    & S&H
On Sale: $8.00 & S&H

The easy-to-read and quick-to-understand format of this book makes learning or refreshing grammar skills a snap! All those old troublesome areas that make us cringe when we're faced with such points as whether to use an apostrophe and an 's" or when to write "who" or "whom" are explained here in this simple form via Garlic Press' slim English Series printed in large edition. Brush up on how to make certain that subject and predicate agree, that you're properly choosing a regular or irregular verb, that you're improving passive voice to active, that you're mastering object with case, and that you're differentiating between a neologism and a malapropism, as well as other forms of usage . . . along with much, much more. This is the kind of book every teacher would love to have as a reference, every student would appreciate as a supplement to English texts, and every business person, public speaker, freelance writer, and anyone who interacts with others or works in communications, absolutely needs! This is a must-have book for those who want to sound and write properly, those who want to be able to articulate ideas in a respected manner, and those who want to get ahead in the world. Since you're judged by how you speak and write, you'll want to have this book on hand!

Garlic Press
Eugene, OR

The Last of the Wallendas
(As Nan DeVincentis-Hayes)

Hardback Price: $18.99

The Last Of The Wallendas $18.99

This book offers a unique perspective of a world-renown family who make their living walking across a thin wire between rooftops of skyscrapers. It gives a rare view of what the people are like who are products of the renown patriarch, Karl Wallenda, and how they, themselves, struggle to maintain the art in the face of family feuds, dwindling circus attendance, and the aging of the more experienced veterans. The book also offers an exciting descriptiong of the fall of the 7-man pyramid, and provides unique photos.

New Horizon Press
Far Hills, NJ

Heartbroken Love
(As Gianni Bonanno)

Price: $12.99
Special Order
Heart Broken Love
Price: $12.99 & S&H     Special Order
On Sale: $10.00 & S&H

This is a story about a couple who in order to find happiness must solve their problems over their differences: She's big-city, widowed, a mother of two young kids, and a working woman with a serious health problem; he's country and farms, never-married. no children, and petrified of anyone who has a health problem.
Their relationship starts out rocky. They meet in New York's Central Park and exchange barbs. The heroine is glad she'll never see him again, after she departs the Park, but the next day at work, where she is an executive at a PR agency, he walks into a meeting she is holding. There, she learns he's been hired as the director of security for a major convention center where she holds many of her clients' affairs.

They argue back and forth for months while yet falling in love, no matter how much they try to prevent that. But everything she wants, he doesn't, and visa versa. Because of a childhood illness that has left her with a cardiac problem, she is always at risk for an infection, which she fails to tell him about. When she ends up in a hospital, he thinks--through miscommunication (the bane of our society) and lack of total openness--she's dying, and wants to run from the problem.

Available in bookstores, through Amazon.com and at Ebooksonthe.net

Move It!
A Guide to quick, easy moving.
(As Nan DeVincent-Hayes)
Move It    $10.00

Relocating family and house contents is not an easy chore; if anything, it creates anxiety, confusion, and physical exhaustion. This compact book offers a step-by-step guide on how to move the simple, easy, stress-free way. It provides tons of information on how to disconnect old and connect new services, how to notify everyone of your move in one fell swoop, how to pack, how to hire the best mover at the best price, and a host of other hard-to-find but much needed information that never goes out of date.

Barricade Books
New York , NY

Also available at Ebooksonthe.net

A The First Family of Fireworks: A Story of Global Success
(As Nan DeVincent-Hayes, Ph. D)

Softback Price: $22.95
$22.95 Softback

Hardback Price: $24.95
Zambelli $24.95     Hardback

This vibrant, pulsating story of the Zambelli family, the world's largest manufacturer and exhibitor of fireworks, unfolds in this biography about an Italian family that came to America in search of a better life and, through hard work and determination, achieved extraordinary success in the pyrotechnic industry. The Zambellis have been in charge of some of the largest and most prestigious firework displays and have contributed to more than 100 years of Fourth of July celebrations. The moving stories behind the family and their business are intertwined with information about how and where fireworks are made, what goes on behind the scenes at a fireworks show, and what bigger and brighter fireworks will ignite the future. Italian Recipies are also included in the book.

Available in bookstores or through
and at www.amazon.com

Paul Erikson, IN

Images of America:
Ocean City - Volume I
(As Nan DeVincent-Hayes)

Ocean City Volume 1   $18.99
An exciting look into the history of Ocean City, Maryland! The resort of Ocean City, Maryland, is a planned beach playground that has rapidly grown since its inception, bringing in millions of tourists every summer. This first volume is an account of how the resort came into existence, how it has grown over the years, suffered hurricanes and fires, and has built and re-built itself over and over. Attracting visitors from all over the world--from London to Alaska--this book shows it all from its birth through 1946 through rare, cherished old photos and postcard images.

Available in bookstores or through Amazon.com

Images of America:
Ocean City - Volume II
(As Nan DeVincent-Hayes)

Ocean City Volume 2    $18.99

The second half of the thrilling development of Ocean City! This volume--number II-- takes readers from circa 1946 right up to the year 2000, illustrating the town’s additions, deletions, and renovations, along with all of its many obvious and yet some subtle changes. It features a remarkable pictorial history on the rise and fall, and then rebirth, of condo row in the 1970s when interest rates skyrocketed and the economy collapsed, with condo developments receiving the brunt of it. The demolition of the old boardwalk and the reconstruction of a new one is also illustrated, along with the presentation of rare images of the disastrous 1962 storm. Unique pictures of lighthouses, lifesaving stations, boardwalk shops, and Coastal Highway restaurants and businesses that have been passed down from generation to generation are given special attention. And the famous Festival of Lights is pictured, along with the various activities surrounding Ocean City, Maryland, such as Ocean Downs harness racing.

Available in bookstores or through Amazon.com

Images of America:
Chincoteague and Assateague Islands
(As Nan DeVincent-Hayes)

Chincoteague     $18.99

Pictorial History of the barrier islands of Assateague and Chincoteague, VA. Chincoteague and Assateague Islands lie adjacent to each other on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. As barrier islands, they move to a rhythm of their own, offering both a pristine world and a growing resort area. Chincoteague is famous for its "pony penning" days and the "Misty" book series by Marguerite Henry; Assateague is renown for its prehistory beauty, feral horses, old lighthouse, majestic wildlife and other natural inhabitants existing in an undisturbed refuge. The two islands have a symbiotic relationship: The ever-growing resort town of Chincoteague needs Assateague for its sheltering function against gushing currents, ravaging winds, and eroding and amassing forces; and the quiet, slow-paced, almost antediluvian Assateague needs Chincoteague for its pony auction and tourism. This book offers a taste of both forms of life: the hot, popular resort town interlinked to the sedate, nature-bound Assateague. This pictorial history is filled with rare and vintage photos, postcards, and other images of both places, from their origination to the present. In it, such classics as the Atlantic Hotel, the railroad and its steamers, the ruddy-faced fishermen, and a host of other people and places, as well as the colorful folklore, are profiled. There is no other book like this. If you've never been to the Eastern Shore of Virginia, now is the opportunity to visit it vicariously and enjoy a venture you'll find nowhere else—a visit that you'll want to make through the pages of this history before the rest of the world beats you to it.

Available in bookstores or through Amazon.com

Wallops Island;
The Government's Love Affair
(As Nan DeVincent-Hayes)

Wallops Island       $18.99

Pictorial History on the island taken over by NASA. Located in Accomack County on Virginia’s Eastern Shore, Wallops Island was once a primitive swath of land, uncivilized but by the wild ponies and mosquitoes that made its scrub-covered shores their home. But as the centuries passed, the wildness of the island was radically altered by the influx of colonists, then vacationers, and, eventually, some of the brightest scientific minds in the country. In Wallops Island, authors Nan DeVincent-Hayes and Bo Bennett share the diverse history of this unique place, from its early days as a gentlemen’s hunting club to the trials and triumphs, struggles and spirit of its scientific community. Illustrated with archival photographs and other visual memorabilia from the periods both before and after the island’s purchase by NASA, this informative history showcases the amazing technological advances brought forth on this small parcel of land as well as the men and women whose determination and dedication made it all possible.

Available in bookstores or through Amazon.com

Rehobeth, A Place on the Sea
(As Nan DeVincent-Hayes)

Rehobeth, A Place on the Sea     $18.99

Pictorial History of a Delaware resort and its surrounding area. Rehoboth Beach is heralded as the “Nations Summer Capital”. ”Located along the Atlantic Coast within a 100 miles of Washington D.C., Baltimore and Philadelphia. Delaware’s treasured resort has provided millions of tourists with unforgettable memories along its one-mile boardwalk and white, sandy beach.

Vintage postcards and photographs will allow readers to experience the thrill of the renowned beach and see why many have made Rehoboth their choice for vacations, holidays and getaways, time and time again - and why some call it home year round. This photo album features then-and -now scenes of the beach, documents the rise of other attractions surrounding the area, pays homage to storms that shook the seacoast, and showcases some of the people, festivals, hotels, and motels that make this a special place to visit.

Available in bookstores or through Amazon.com


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