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About Us

CSI is a small, privately owned corporation that operates primarily to offer creative services in all capacities, some of which are subcontracted. It especially strives to help artists with an emphasis on the literary arts, though other types of arts and fields are also the company's foci, such as the areas of marketing, high technology, education, speaking, and so on. CSI also provides advice, products, consultations, and numerous advantages that benefit clients in learning and plying their trade; thus, of equal importance, then, is CSI=s goal to supply computer/IT consultation, marketing assistance of all types (events planning, writing in-house organs, corporate histories, promotional material and so on). An added benefit proffered by CSI is the various tools needed by clients to assist them in their work, such as in writing kits for would-be authors, as one example. Too, the company provides a range of veteran speakers for different subjects and concerns of which a catalog of some of their topics is given at this website. A plethora of other services - e.g. tutoring/teaching, coaching, "walk-thrus," hands-on demonstrations, role-playing, re-enactments, online courses, public addresses, simulations, group motivation, web audios, and one-on-one programs, communications conferences, protocol/etiquette seminars, writing workshops, and so on -- are made available through this top-notch, small -- but quality-oriented -- agency. Too, CSI offers a dynamic, Christian, electronic magazine, titled The Nazarzine, that gives insight on how biblical prophecy is being fulfilled today on political, social, historical, religious, and philosophical levels. In start-up format is another electronic ezine by CSI staffers that deals with the art of writing, called The Amusezine, which is currently under construction.

This agency's team is highly skilled and competent in their areas of expertise, having numerous years of college education, dozens of degrees put together, and on hand, individual and team experience that is unmatched anywhere.

Here are several of the many services we offer:

Computing Advice

  • choosing the right computer for you

  • how to pick the components that best work for you

  • how to put a system together at a reasonable price

  • how to apply for a job in computing that fits your skills

  • how to make yourself job-worthy: the right things to say and do at interviews

  • computer troubleshooting: If it doesn=t work, let's figure it out together

Writing Services

  • editing and critiquing of manuscripts (see section on Awriting@)
  • how to help you find best markets for your nonfiction, fiction, articles, short stories, screenplays, etc..
  • enrolling yourself in a one-on-one book writing class B from A to Z
  • nonfiction and fiction books you should read
  • how to read to improve your writing
  • writing for corporations (in-house organs, histories, sales manuals)

Communications Skills

  • learning how to improve understanding among workers and others
  • how body language enforces words
  • how to properly relay and receive messages
  • the communications process/model teaches you how to improve your message
  • understanding your audience and learning how to reach them making a sale and closing with dynamite !!!!!!!!
  • getting what you want in a fun way
  • taking an online communications course to make you sound articulated
  • speaking and writing grammatically correct

CSI Members are available for:

guest speakingvideography
speaking engagements (land/cruise)tours
tutoringbook signings
marketingwebsites computing
consultationsplay production
all types of writing

The Speakers - This section offers information on popular speakers for various events and needs. Dr. Gianni DeVincent Hayes is an internationally known speaker on various topics but especially on Aglobalism,@ in which she offers hot news, provocative stories, and thought provoking issues. Other speakers are available.

The Writers - Authors are so busy becoming bestsellers that they can't help the would-be, striving writer. This site is especially created for those who want to learn to write, or those who have written something and need consulting on how to format, market, and submit their work, and on to whom to send it. This is a popular, hot site!

Writing Kits is a site under construction for providing wannbe writers the best tools for turning themselves into authors.

Computer Guru - Want an expert to help you with your problem, someone to guide you? Then go with the pros who are experienced in all these areas: home computing, academic computing, industrial computing, commercial technology, and various other fields. Just contact us and you're off to talking or working with an expert(s). Fees provided.

The Nazarzine - This is an electronic Christian publication offered at the super introductory rate of $35.00. It gives you religious and political news, offers insight on eschatology (study of End Time to current events), provides valid information, showcases other Christian writers' works. Once you read the mock-up copy featured at this site, you'll want to sign up immediately! Read vital info, wholesome jokes, do crossword puzzles, read letters, commentaries; get involved in Christian lessons, and join in on the Q&A section. See the mock-up of this electronic magazine to get a feel of what you'll be receiving for the low, low, introductory rate . This site is also listed as www.judeo-christiannews.com, www.christiannewsletter.biz, www.christianmagazine.biz.

Nan Hayes; Gianni DeVincent - This site offers information on author, speaker, professor Gianni DeVincent Hayes. Her name is written different ways, and she uses about seven pen names. Gianni is a dynamic individual who is always in demand to speak to small and large groups, organizations, associations, churches, and so on. And to run writers' workshops, to tutor, or for whatever your needs are.

Creative Services - This is our home site -- a popular, dynamic, new website that offers a number of services for people of all backgrounds. It introduces users to writing lessons; provides speakers; offers newsletters, electronic magazines, computing consultation, teaching one-on-one, and a plethora of other services and information.

Christian Newsletters - This is a new site just getting off the ground. It works in conjunction with www.thenazarzine.com (a Christian e-zine), as well as with www.judeo-christiannews.com, and www.christiannews.com and www.christianmagazine.biz. All work comes out of a Christian emphasis. (Under construction)

Judeo-Christian News - Want news on Christian activities in relationship to Jewish events -- all of which can be found here, as well as at www.thenazarzine.com (a Christian e-zine), and www.judeo-christiannews.com, www.christiannews.com www.christianmagazine.biz. All are under construction but each site provides information.

Christian Magazine - This section refers to the powerful electronic magazine, The Nazarzine, which is the much-awaited-for electronic publication that not only provides info on religious and political events, as well as on biblical prophecy, but also gives reader commentaries and contributions. See www.thenazarzine.com (the Christian e-zine), as well as with www.judeo-christiannews.com, and www.christiannews.com and www.christianmagazine.biz. These sites are under construction as each is new and in progress, and all interrelated. A sample of the Christian magazine is featured at www.thenazarzine.com which can be arrived at through the various links above.

Amusezine - Don't know how to format your novel to submit to a publisher or agent, or how to submit it? Or maybe you need advice on any aspect of writing, including grammar and composition? Then go to this link and see the in-progress creation of an electronic magazine for wannabe and veteran writers, which in itself provides a learning experience. When up and running, the www.amusezine.biz will be open to contributions to not only garner valid information but also to give writers the opportunity to get published. (Under construction)

Catalogues - This is a future project that will provide catalogues on the services and products of CSI.

Products - CSI will offer a number of products for various groups such as writers, Christians, computer users, and so on.

Consultations - CSI staff is here for any questions you have or issues you are dealing with, whether computer related, or consultations on your writing, and so on.


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